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Families Come Together In Search For Missing Loved Ones

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- More than 100 volunteers searched through the brush Friday as they combed their way through a 36-acre stretch of land in search for any signs of a missing St. Cloud man.

Tyler Berg
Tyler Berg (credit: Wright Co. Sheriff)

Tyler Berg's family plans to search every day until sundown.

"There seemed to just be a rash of younger people going missing," volunteer Kelly Kiffmeyer said. "It's just disconcerting to hear about."

Tony Delhanty, Berg's brother-in-law, says no one knows why he might have been in Monticello.

"We are very concerned and wondering what exactly happened," Delhanty said. "He's a very fun, charismatic guy. Cares a lot about his family and cares a lot about his friends. He's a very close-knitted person."

Martise Windom
Martise Windom (credit: Savage Police)

One of the volunteers, while a stranger to Berg's family, knows all too well what they're going through. Noah Gregory's godfather, Martise Windom, has been missing since Nov. 7 from Savage.

"Especially with Thanksgiving yesterday, I know that wasn't easy for them knowing that there's someone missing at the table and I felt the same way yesterday. So I really felt like it would be a good thing for me to come up here," Gregory said.

Both families are hoping their searches have a positive outcome.

"At this time we have to remain very hopeful and we have to think that he's somewhere safe and we're going to find him," Delhanty said.

Authorities also found some clothing, believed to be Berg's, at a golf course in Monticello near that search area Friday.

Click here for more information on how to help in the search for Berg, and here to aid in the search for Windom.


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