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At 108, Dedicated Twins Fan Is Young At Heart

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Many of the Minnesota Twins most dedicated fans were at Target Field for the opening home game Monday.

But there's one very special fan who watched from her home in Clarksfield. Angela Davis introduces us to a woman who's been cheering for the Twins for more than 80 seasons.

Clarkfield, Minn., is 130 miles west of Target Field. But this is still Twins Territory.

"He's always so smiley, real good-natured," Angie Lee said of Torii Hunter.

Here, you'll find one of the Twins biggest fans, and quite possibly the oldest.

Is there a Twins player she would like to meet?

"Oh, I'd faint," she said.

Angie Lee is 108 years old. She lives at Clarkfield Care Center.

So how does she think the season will go?

"It's hard to tell, depends on if they get a good pitcher in there. That's their challenge? Yeah," she said.

Not only is she a big fan of the Twins, the Twins are a big fan of her. Angie's caregiver, Jeanine, wrote to the team years ago describing her affection. Shortly after that, the Twins started sending gifts.

Some of the gifts include caps, shirts and blankets.

"It's great. We show the staff and they all come running in here. It's just fun," Caregiver Jeanine Satre said.

Angie got her first box of gifts from the Twins five years ago, right before her 103rd birthday. Since then, the team has continued to send her presents.

She told Angela she is in good health with only some problems hearing and seeing. Her secret to long life is to simply keep breathing.

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