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ASPIRE Athlete Of The Week For Nov. 22: Alexis Joyce

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- She is the type of player you want as a teammate, the type that puts up numbers and makes people better.

That's why Alexis Joyce from Lakeville North is our Aspire Athlete of the Week.

Joyce is happy on the ice, it's where she comes to let loose.

"If I'm having a bad day I can come out here and get a little anger out by shooting some slap shots," she said.

She's a stand goalie in soccer, but that doesn't compare to her favorite sport.

"Soccer, I guess, I get a little bored sometimes, 'cause I'm goalie," she said. "So sometime you don't ever see the ball even. In hockey, you're always in the action."

She is what you want in a hockey player – competitive and savvy with some skill.

"She's a competitor, she wants to win," said her coach Buck Kochevar. "When we brought her up in eighth grade, we could tell what she stepped on the ice it was hustle, it was work."

Joyce says she liked to set people up.

"I'd rather get the point for the assist than the goal," she said. "I like seeing them smile and feel good about themselves."

That's why she is this week's athlete of the week.

"Some people are leaders by their voice, some people are leaders on the ice – she's both," Kochevar said. "So those kids don't come around that often."

Lakeville North is 2-1-1 this season after an 8-1 win over Rosemount Thursday night.

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