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Artist Puts Up Twins Sandblasted Glass Art For Sale

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Now that the Vikings' season is over many Minnesota sports fans will start thinking about the Twins.

Now there's a chance to own something no other Twins fan will have. Twins fans may recognize two pieces of glass art. The artist who made these has two just like them, and he's ready to get rid of them.

Although Twins Fans may not know the name Kerry Dikken, they're more likely to know his work.

"To have my work on display at Target Field Plaza was an amazing opportunity. It took me from an artist that works out of his basement to a legitimate respected artist," Dikken said.

Dikken's custom glasswork, called "Blasted Art," is truly unique. He said the glasswork is all hand-sandblasted. When you look up close, the finely etched lines make the image more difficult to see.

"When you stand 20 feet away from it, it's like a photograph and you start seeing more detail the farther away you stand," Dikken said.

Two of Dikken's Twins pieces are now up for sale. One is with the lyrics to the "We're Gonna Win Twins" anthem and the other with "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

The pieces look exactly like the ones displayed at the stadium with one minor exception.

"I sandblasted the image upside-down," Dikken said.

As a result the holes in the glass are in the wrong place, so he made two more.

They're totally perfect pieces of glass with beautiful artwork on them," said Dikken.

Dikken will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Twin's Community Fund to help local charities.

"I would love to see these be in someone's man cave or rec room," he said.

Dikken said they didn't realize they pieces didn't fit until they used a crane to try and hang them. They had to shut down the interstate to put them up, and they didn't fit. Now he's willing to let them go for someone else to enjoy. He said they weigh about 300 pounds each.

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