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Archbishop Nienstedt Asks For Gay Music Director's Resignation

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A music director at a Minnesota Catholic church was forced to resign after he married his long-time partner.

Jamie Moore had been the music director at St. Victoria Catholic Church in Victoria.

This past weekend, Moore married his partner, Garrett.

In response, the archdiocese recommended that Moore resign from his job.

Dale Carroll has been going to Sunday mass at St. Victoria's for more than 45 years.

He knew Jamie Moore, and like his fellow parishioners, thought the former music director was good at what he did.

"I think he's a real friendly person. He seems like he gets along with everybody and fits in quite well," Carroll said.

Moore fit in with the people, but apparently not with the church.

After marrying his long-time partner over the weekend, parishioners got an email from Father Bob White.

It told them that Archbishop John Nienstedt had asked for Moore's resignation, and Moore intended to resign.

In a statement, Nienstedt said he was contacted by St. Victoria about the situation with Moore, and he told parish leaders that the church's teachings must be upheld.

Nienstedt referred to the church's code of conduct -- a policy all church employees sign upon employment, which states the following:

"The ... conduct of church employees can inspire and motivate people, but it can also scandalize and undermine their faith. Church employees must ... recognize and accept the responsibilities that accompany their ministry."

While Carroll says Moore will be missed, he understands that the church has to stand behind what it preaches.

"Whatever they choose for us, that's what we have to put up with," Carroll said.

Jamie Moore is currently on his honeymoon and was unavailable for comment.

In his letter to parishioners, Father White said he'll talk more about this at church on Sunday.

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