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Anthrax confirmed in Kittson County cows, state animal health board says

WCCO digital headlines: Morning of July 7, 2023
WCCO digital headlines: Morning of July 7, 2023 01:05

By Christian Veninga, WCCO Intern

KITTSON COUNTY, Minn. -- The Minnesota Board of Animal Health announced Friday that its first case of anthrax has been reported in a decade, affecting cattle and a horse on a farm in Northwest Minnesota.

The animals have been quarantined.

Anthrax is caused by a bacterium called Bacillus anthracis, which can emerge in greater concentrations after rainstorms, flooding, or excavation. The disease has been concentrated in northwest Minnesota in the past.

The disease occurs typically in the summer months and has been known to affect livestock. The Board of Animal Health encourages vaccinating animals to prevent the spore-forming bacterium; most animals will die before showing any symptoms.

Anthrax occurs periodically in Minnesota and was last confirmed in June 2013 in a Pennington County cow. Anthrax is not a risk to the public; however, all suspected cases of anthrax must be reported to the Board of Animal Health.

People who have contacted animals suspected of carrying anthrax should consult their healthcare provider.

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