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Minnesota Girl's Dream Comes True At Andy Grammer Performance

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Nothing moves Meghan Hjerpe quite like an Andy Grammer song.

"I have an entire album in my iPad and I think I'm really happy with it," she said.

Minutes later the 21-year-old was dancing in her seat as her mom Mona played a few of the pop star's songs. "Keep Your Head Up" and "Honey I'm Good" are a few of her favorites.

Meghan has Down syndrome and her mother is a Special Olympics coach in Hutchinson. Mona said Meghan has always had a passion for music and especially Grammer's, but recently she's been using his music in the background of Special Olympics videos because of its positive message, only furthering Meghan's admiration.

So when Mona learned Grammer was performing in Studio C at the Cities97 radio station last week, she tried her best to call in to win tickets but never got through. As a last ditch effort, she sent an email to the "Keri & Greg In the Morning" show explaining how her daughter adores Grammer.

"Just on the off chance, I didn't think I'd hear back," she said. "I got a message from them through Facebook at like 7 p.m. that said 'We have a couple tickets, we'd love for her to come.'"

Mona couldn't believe it at first. Once she broke the news to Meghan, her excitement couldn't be contained. Mona recorded Meghan's reaction and sent it to Keri & Greg, a move that likely enhanced the eventual once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When the two arrived at Studio C they thought Meghan would join the others as just another member of the crowd.

"Then I heard (Keri) say Meg's name and she said 'Meg's over here in the pink' and then they waved," she said of Meghan and Grammer.

Grammer called Meghan up onstage to share a hug. He then asked her if she knew the words to "Good to Be Alive" to which Meghan replied yes. Next thing they knew, Grammer's solo set turned into a duet.

"There just was this joy about it that was so simple and innocent and wonderful," said Mona.

Meghan danced and sang with glee as she sat next to Grammer, but underneath she said she was a little nervous. "I would say happy and excited," Meghan said of how she felt onstage. "This was the best idea."

The excitement didn't stop with the performance. "We did take pictures, we talked, it was amazing," Meghan said of her time with Grammer. "He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I loved it."

Meghan said he called her a rock star, rounding out a memory that might one day have an encore.

"Keri and Greg were wonderful, and (producer) Brent was wonderful, and Andy was just so nice, everyone was so down to earth," said Mona. "We talk about it all the time and she will for a long time to come. She'll always remember this."

To see the full video of Meghan meeting Grammer, click here.

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