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Joe Senser Speaks Out On Wife's Trial, County Attorney

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- For the first time since his wife's conviction, Joe Senser is speaking out about the hit-and-run trial that sent Amy Senser to jail. On Monday, he took aim at Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

"Today was just another indication of what I believe is a process gone wrong," said Joe Senser, whose wife Amy was in Hennepin County court, Monday.

Joe Senser did not hold back while speaking for the first time since his wife's conviction.

"Today, I want to speak about a process, a process that was manipulated by elected County Attorney Freeman," said Senser.

In a 16-minute press conference, Joe outlined why he feels his wife did not get a fair trial. Joe accused Freeman of dehumanizing Amy before the trial started.

"He wanted you to believe she was intoxicated that night. That Amy Senser left the scene of the accident, knew she hit someone, but was intoxicated," said Senser.

Senser only referred to Freeman as "elected County Attorney Freeman" and prosecutor Deborah Russell as "complicit Russell." Senser believes he and his wife's silence following the crash, even his own testimony, were manipulated and used against the Sensers.

"If you want to get the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up, start threatening my family. That's what elected County Attorney Freeman did when he lied about Amy Senser to the public. He wanted you to believe something other than the truth," said Senser.

His remarks come as Senser's attorney prepares for appeal. Attorney Joe Tamburino, who is not associated with the case, doesn't think Senser's remarks will have any impact on the process.

"I don't think there are valid points. I see a lot of anger and he's very hurt," said Tamburino, an attorney who has been following the case.

A judge should decide this week if Senser will be released from jail pending appeal.

The county attorney's office is not commenting on Joe's remarks.

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