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After Noting Need In North Minneapolis, Group Takes Testing Matters Into Their Own Hands

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- COVID-19 tests aren't always easy to find.

That's why there's a big push to bring rapid tests straight to families in north Minneapolis, where one local group took matters into their own hands to offer one-of-a-kind testing.

"What we have is a mobile rapid COVID-19 testing site here," Kamillah El'Amin said.

It's something she wants her community to get used to.

"We are having a hard time getting rapid testing here on the northside, so we just decided to reach out, work with a distributor and do it yourself to make sure our community is safe and tested," El'Amin said.

More than 10,000 tests a week, that's what this group hopes to accomplish.

They know it won't be easy, as many in the Black community continue to go unvaccinated, and many more are having a hard time finding tests.

"You don't have to have insurance here, its free," El'Amin said. "You just pull up, drive up, we test you, wait 10 minutes, get your results," El'Amin said.

People are driving and walking up to the site at Lyndale and Aldridge avenues.

The hope is those people will then spread the word.

"If you can get the word out to the community that they can come in here and be in and out 10 minutes of their time can change the rest of their life," said Kim Griffin.

Plans are already in place to expand their reach.

"We are also working in conjunction with several charter schools, so schools can actually stay open so they can test their students and their teachers and have the opportunities for the parents and the families to get tested too," El'Amin said.

Getting to the people where they are.

"We are actually putting together a mobile plan to go start helping people at home to actually supply test to people who are unable to leave their homes. Keep your family and your friends safe, get tested, it's free, there are no barriers, come and get tested," El'Amin said.

MainStax Health mobile testing is not funded by the state, but it does report results to the health department. To get in contact, email

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