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Activewear Brand With Minnesota Connection Aims To Be An 'Ethical Alternative'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - A recent college graduate from Edina is trying to make us all really think about what we wear.

Industry researchers estimate that only 2% of workers who make our clothes actually make a living wage. WCCO talked with a young entrepreneur thinks that awareness should always be in fashion.

It started at the University of Notre Dame. Tommy from New York shared an idea with his friend John Henry Neuberger from Minnesota. Tommy shared his idea about a creating an activewear company that took action on some major issues.

After a few years in corporate America, they went all in.

"Not that the banking consulting role I had wasn't effecting people's lives – but it feels different," said Neuberger.

Neuberger joined Tommy's mission of Fox and Robin.

"It does come down to the humanitarian things, at the mission of Fox and Robin and it's to provide an ethical alternative to the existing active wear brands," said Neuberger.

"Not everyone in the fashion industry is making a living wage. Globally, in the fashion industry about 2% of workers make a living wage, is the estimate. They are being paid a minimum wage but a lot of times it's not a living wage," he added.

Neuberger says Fox and Robin are the first company to disclose in detail how much the people who are making their clothes are making - and making sure their factories have safety standards.

"We have a third party auditor that goes in and assures that health and safety measures are being met and that our clothes are actually being made in the factories in which they say they are being made," said Neuberger.

He emphasized that it's the beginning, but he is hopeful they can help others.

"I think as we grow and gain leverage and gain awareness and people become more aware of us, I think we will make a difference," said Neuberger.

Fox and Robin clothes are being sold around the country and in March will be available at Gear Running Store in Edina. They are also available and on their website here.

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