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Former Air Marshal's Minnesota Business Trains Public On Active Shooter Response

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Fort Lauderdale airport shooting led to heightened security at some businesses and airports across the country.

Former U.S. Air Marshal Peter Johnson trains the public in how to prevent and react to active shooter situations and other threats through his Minnesota-based business Archway Defense.

Johnson told WCCO he does not want people to feel helpless or scared after a tragedy like the one in Florida, but rather he wants people to educate themselves and feel empowered.

"Ultimately, people are the most valuable asset we have in the world," Johnson said. "On the flip side of it, when they turn evil, they are the most destructive."

Johnson trains companies, law enforcement and places of worship to prepare for violent threats.

"We teach the average citizen how to casually scan a crowd," Johnson said.

Johnson teaches that planning is important in any place where there are typically lots of people.

He recommends looking for any behavioral precursors to violence, and making note of secure spaces and exits.

"Your body can't go where your mind hasn't been," Johnson said.

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