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Fans Say Acoustics At U.S. Bank Stadium Uncomfortably Loud

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Vikings fans may want to listen up -- hearing experts are asking fans to take precautions to protect their ears when they go to major events at U.S. Bank Stadium.

"The noise tended to just bounce all around," Christian Burres, from Plymouth, said.

Burres said he had a great time going to the Luke Bryan concert at U.S. Bank Stadium Friday, but said it was the loudest venue he's been to in Minnesota.

"That was by far the loudest," Burres said.

On social media other fans pointed out the stadium's loud acoustics. The day after the Metallica concert at the new stadium, one Facebook user wrote "my ears are still ringing."

"Stadiums for a long time have had noise levels that can be damaging to your hearing," Dr. David Geddes, an audiologist for HealthPartners, said.

U.S. Bank Stadium could be the loudest stadium Minnesota has ever seen. The Minnesota Vikings website says the roof on U.S. Bank Stadium features more "acoustically reflective material" and "should make the stadium louder" than the Metrodome.

A local radio station measured the sound during the soccer match at U.S. Bank Stadium reaching over 105 decibels. HealthPartners says that is ten times louder than the volume at an average NFL stadium.

Dr. Geddes says any sound over 85 decibels can damage tiny cells inside the ear. Even if your ears stop ringing after a loud event, you could have problems down the line.

"It's not necessarily that you go home with permanent hearing loss after one-time visit, but over an extended period you may have noise-induced hearing loss," Dr. Geddes said.

Dr. Geddes says it's important to wear ear plugs during loud games.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said ear plugs will be available at guest services for events at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Dr. Geddes also recommended downloading an app for your smartphone to check decibel levels -- you can find a list of popular apps here.

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