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A Quick Look At Minn. Primary Races

Governor Race (GOP)

There's close attention being paid to the Republican governor's race. The four-way race is the most hotly contested primary in 20 years.

Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson has the official party endorsement, and on Tuesday night, we'll see how much that matters.

Businessman Scott Honour is a first-time candidate.

Former House Speaker Kurt Zellers and former House Minority leader Marty Seifert are running on legislative experience.

U.S. Senate Race (GOP)

Republicans are also picking a candidate to run against incumbent Democratic Sen. Al Franken.

Mike McFadden is a longtime business leader, it's his first campaign for public office.

He's challenged by State Rep. Jim Abeler, who's a health care expert.

State Auditor (Dem)

We're watching closely the Democratic race for state auditor. This race is normally a sleeper, but this time it's contested.

The Democratic incumbent Rebecca Otto is seeking a third term. But she's being challenged by former House Minority leader Matt Entenza, who says she's not progressive enough.


Everything boils down to turnout, especially in the Republican governor's race.

The candidate who will face Dayton could win this primary with only 30,000 votes.

The Secretary of State is predicting a 10 percent to 15 percent turnout. That's extremely light in a state where 76 percent of voters turn out for presidential elections.


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