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$8K bike stolen out of Minneapolis garage part of growing trend, city and police say

Follow these tips to keep your garage burglar-proof
Follow these tips to keep your garage burglar-proof 01:38

MINNEAPOLIS -- An $8,000 bike, gone in a matter of minutes.

Garage thefts are a troubling new trend across the city, according to both the City of Minneapolis and its police department.

"Costs about as much as some vehicles do. It's a hard thing to watch walk right out of your garage," said Mike Hardenbrook.

Hardenbrook said his Yeti mountain bike was gone seemingly in an instant Tuesday.

Hardenbrook had run inside to charge his phone and order food. Ten minutes later, his bike, custom-built for endurance racing and rides with his three kids, was taken away.

If only he'd just shut his garage.

"It just was a lapse in judgment. I had been on a long ride, my mind was cloudy, I was in a rush," said Hardenbrook.

In an email to residents, the City of Minneapolis acknowledged the jump in garage burglaries, where items like tools, lawn equipment, and in Hardenbrook's case, bikes, were taken from inside.

People often get in through a garage service door.

"You know, maybe by chance somebody does spot my bike," said Hardenbrook.

Mike said he's offering up to $500 for whoever returns his bike.

"Even if you're the person that took the bike I don't care I just want the bike back," said Hardenbrook.

Here are all the tips provided by the City of Minneapolis:

  • Always keep your garage locked and take additional steps to further secure valuable items inside your garage. Consider storing expensive bikes inside your home or locking them to a stationary object in your garage.
  • If you park your car outside, lock your doors and do not leave your garage remote inside your car. Carry it in with you or secure it inside your home.
  • Having all exterior doors be solid core (wood or steel) with a deadbolt, at least a 6-inch strike plate, and 3-inch screws going into the frame, make it harder for the door to be pried open or kicked in.
  • Alert your neighbors and block club members to this increase in burglaries and be sure to watch out for one another.
  • Call 911 to report criminal activity such as individuals walking down the alley looking into parked cars, trying to open car doors, looking into garage windows, or lurking near service doors.
  • Record all serial numbers of equipment such as bikes and tools and any guns you might have. If an item does NOT have a serial number, etch, or mark your items with your name or other identifying marker and take a picture of the item. Having this information in case you are the victim of a burglary may greatly help in getting the item returned or tracking potential suspects.
  • Increase lighting in the alley and around your home. Motion lights are helpful. Cameras can also be helpful in the investigation process.
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