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62 Minnesotans Learn Their First COVID Vaccine Doses Were Mistakenly Diluted

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Dozens of people learned this week a mistake was made with their first COVID vaccine shots, and now they don't know what comes next.

Dick Cecchini received his dose Tuesday at a Hy-Vee pharmacy in Mankato, more than an hour from his Lakeville home. He received a phone call from Hy-Vee the next morning letting him know of a problem.

The pharmacy says 62 patients received first doses of the Pfizer vaccine that were diluted with sterile water instead of the saline provided by Pfizer.

"We don't know anything. Hang tight. We'll get a hold of you," Cecchini recalls being told.

He learned Friday there was no reason for medical concern. Questions remain about how protected Cecchini and the others will be from COVID.

"The first shot, does it do any good? What happens after the second shot? Do you have the same coverage?" Cecchini said.

Hy-Vee doesn't yet know. Cecchini reached out to Pfizer personally. He says they don't know either.

"If Pfizer doesn't know, who does know?" Cecchini said. "I'm in limbo."

Hy-Vee says whatever the outcome is, the 62 patients won't have to search or wait for another appointment.

"I'm fairly tolerant of mistakes because I'm old and I've made a million of them myself. It's how fast do you fix it?" Cecchini said.

The Minnesota Health Department says it's not likely the 62 patients will have to start their vaccination cycles over. The MDH is waiting for confirmation on that from Pfizer and the CDC.


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