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5 Mpls. City Council Members Lose Seats Amid Controversy Over Failed Policing Amendment

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -  The charter amendment to replace the Minneapolis Police Department went down, defeated on Tuesday. In the end, 56% voted no while 44% voted yes.

A strong victory for the "no" vote came from an unusual but powerful coalition from North Minneapolis through the southwest parts of the city and Lake Nokomis.

In the end, voters said they voted no to an idea they never supported or fully understood.

Green indicates precincts which voted "yes" to Minneapolis Ballot Question 2. Red indicates precincts which voted "no."(credit: CBS)

People like Gregory Tennin was working on cars in North Minneapolis on Wednesday morning noted rising crime and recent carjackings.

"I just want my kids to be safe, I want them to play outside, it's a big reason we moved away from Chicago," said Jill Stone, a mother of two who was strapping her daughter to her car seat in south Minneapolis.

And it was about first-time candidates like Emily Koski, a mother of two, in south Minneapolis who defeated Ward 11 incumbent Jeremy Schroeder, one of the strongest voices who in June of 2020 called for defunding the Minneapolis police.

"I felt this was the time to step up and make sure that we are actually listening to all of our community members and I feel like they felt they had been shut out," Koski said.

In North Minneapolis, where memorials to those killed dot intersections, LaTrisha Vetaw beat incumbent Phillipe Cunningham. He too was a strong supporter of replacing the police.

"I ran because I love this community and we deserve so much better in this community than what we were getting," said Vetaw.

Another sign of just how angry voters are with the current city council: they approved charter amendment one, which strips away significant powers from the council and gives them to the mayor.

In total, of the 13 city council members elected or re-elected this week, eight supported Question 2 while five opposed it.

Support: Elliott Payne, Robin Wonsley Worlobah, Jeremiah Ellison, Jamal Osman, Andrea Jenkins, Jason Chavez, Aisha Chughtai, Andrew Johnson

Oppose: Michael Rainville, LaTrisha Vetaw, Lisa Goodman, Emily Koski, Linea Palmisano

Three supporters were ousted for candidates in opposition: Steve Fletcher by Rainville, Phillipe Cunningham by Vetaw and Jeremy Schroeder by Koski.

Four supporters were re-elected, and two who opposed were re-elected.

Both seats vacated -- wards 9 and 10 -- went to supporters.

In Ward 2, Cam Gordon, who supported the amendment, lost to Robin Wonsley Worlobah, also a supporter who was endorsed by the Twin Cities DSA.

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