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4th Precinct Protesters Not Budging Despite Requests From City Leaders

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- City leaders say it's time to end the protest at the 4th Precinct.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges joined Congressman Keith Ellison and other community leaders on Monday to call for an end to the protest. Protesters say they're not going anywhere.

Members of Black Lives Matter say they've heard the plea of Mayor Hodges and other city leaders to leave what they call a peaceful protest. All we spoke with Monday say nothing, not even bad weather will stop them from seeking justice.

A thick, wet snow is not enough to put out the fire that burns inside of members of Black Lives Matter. For 15 days, this group has occupied the 4th precinct and they say the occupation will continue until their demands are met.

"We will not be intimidated we are unafraid we stand here because we want justice for Jamar," Lena K Gardner of Black Lives Matter said.

Black Lives Matter is digging in even after more than a dozen elected officials, black community leaders and Hodges called for an end to the 2-week-old occupation. Congressman Ellison says he wants the group to leave voluntarily.

"I do not want to see Minneapolis Police move the encampment out, but what alternative do we have if they won't voluntarily move," Ellison said.

"We think that the leaders of this city should be focused on why we are out here and should be focused on justice for Jamar," Gardner said.

Black Lives Matter called for more people to come to north Minneapolis to occupy the space outside the 4th precinct.

"We're going to stand our ground. They are politicians, they are going to stand their ground as well but were not leaving," Jason Sole of the Minneapolis NAACP said.

The Minneapolis NAACP says it too will stand up for those protesting.

"They are resilient. They inspire me a whole lot to see them and I can't let them down either. They look to us for leadership, at times they look to us for courage and wisdom and to just let them know we appreciate them," Sole said.

City officials say the occupation is a public safety hazard.

"We are also in position to hear from the community and the community said enough is enough," Ellison said.

Black Lives Matter says it will leave once video of the shooting of Jamar Clark is released, something the BCA says won't happen until the investigation is complete. The group vows to stay even under threat of being removed physically from this spot, until their demands are met.

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