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3 Charged In Rape Of Woman, 14-Year-Old Daughter

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A woman and child were raped and beaten after masked gunmen invaded their Minneapolis home.

Police say Reggie Bishop, Roynell Taylor and Deondre Bishop broke into a Minneapolis home on Bryant Avenue North late at night on July 19.

"They broke into this house, vandalized and stole things, but worse: They raped both the young woman, the daughter, and her mother," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said.

Police say the three armed men tied the mother and the 14-year-old girl up and put pillow cases over their heads. They demanded money and threatened to burn them with hot water.

One of the men then raped the daughter, telling her "it will all stop if you tell me where the money is," a criminal complaint states.

The mother was brought upstairs separately and also raped before being brought back by her daughter and beaten.

After an hour and a half, the suspects left and the woman called police.

The three suspects have extensive criminal histories. Deondre Bishop was sent to prison on other unrelated charges, but Reggie Bishop and Taylor are still at large.

"When we find them, and if we prove the allegations in the complaint, which we believe we will, we will send them [away] for a very long time," Freeman said.

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