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3 brothers all born on New Year's Day, but different years, celebrate milestone and likely last birthday together

3 brothers born on separate New Year's Days celebrate likely last birthday all together
3 brothers born on separate New Year's Days celebrate likely last birthday all together 02:07

GREENWOOD, Wis. -- Every New Year's Day, three brothers from Greenwood, Wisconsin celebrate their birthdays together.

They're known as the "New Year Trio" because they're each born on January 1, two years apart from each other. Jerry Olson was born in 1943, Duane Olson was born in 1945 and Dick Olson was born in 1947.

They always celebrated together as kids, and now as adults, the annual celebration continues, but this one is a milestone.

"It's just special because Jerry's 80, and we're all here yet," said Dick Olson.


"Glad to make it this far," said Duane Olson.

While they're all celebrating their birthdays, Jerry is the reason for everyone coming together on Sunday afternoon. The oldest of the "New Years Trio" has kidney failure, and knows this is his last celebration with his brothers.

"I'm going to have to accept that fact, even though I'm a fighter," said Jerry, "I can't go through dialysis forever."

Jerry is also the most talkative of the trio. Connecting with others is how he hopes to be remembered.

"I want the world to be a better place, and that's the only way I could think of doing it - talking, conversing, exchanging ideas," said Jerry Olson.

The turn out to their birthday party on Jan. 1, 2023 proves just how many strong connections Jerry has made in 80 years.

"I figured I made a lot of changes in people's lives, and that's what's important to me," said Jerry Olson.

Dick and Duane still live in their hometown of Greenwood. Jerry is an Air Force veteran receiving care at the Minneapolis VA hospital.

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