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Remains Of 2nd Stillborn May Have Gone To Laundry

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Regions Hospital officials announced Friday that they believe a second set of remains of a stillborn baby were sent in a basket of linens to a laundry in Red Wing.

According to Chief Nursing Officer Chris Boese, the remains of a stillborn, with a gestational age of 19 weeks, were accidently sent to the wrong location.

"A tragic human error was made and we believe both sets of remains were mistaken as empty linens and placed in the laundry at the same time by a hospital worker," Boese said.

Brock Nelson, president and CEO of Regions Hospital, says he has reached out the family of stillborn baby.

"There are no words to describe how deeply saddened we are and how sorry we are for this terrible mistake," Nelson said. "We have reached the family to apologize and offer any support that we can."

Nelson added that the hospital has made immediate changes to their processes and procedures, including improved visual identification and tracking process and added security and supervision in that section of Regions.

The remains of a stillborn of 22 weeks gestational age were first discovered Wednesday.

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