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10 More Charged With Damaging, Looting Minneapolis Businesses After Murder Suspect's Death

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Hennepin County prosecutors have charged another 10 people for damaging and looting Minneapolis businesses last week.

Investigators say they caught them going in and out of several downtown businesses after a crowd mistook a man's suicide for an officer-involved shooting.

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These are nine of the 10 people facing felony charges:

    • Daniel Lamoreaux-Enno: He's accused of burglarizing a business on the 6000 block of Portland Avenue South -- more than six miles south of the looting epicenter. The owner says he saw him inside smashing things with a baseball bat. Police say he refused to exit the building, and was later found in a back room.
    • Jerrode Johnson: Police say officers found him leaving a tobacco shop through a broken window in the Centre Village Condominiums building with a plastic bag. He fled officers on foot before being apprehended.
    • Krista Gonsior: She's also accused of looting cigarettes from the aforementioned tobacco shop.
    • Justin Rock: Police say officers found him in an office inside the Foot Locker on 7th Street South near Hennepin Avenue.
    • Marquies Scott: Police say he's an accomplice of Rock's, and he allegedly admitted putting items from the Foot Locker into his vehicle, with an infant inside. He told investigators he thought the items had been paid for.
    • Gregory Lee: Police say officers found him hiding inside a clinic's pharmacy in the 2800 block of Nicollet Avenue. He allegedly had two glass vials with liquid, some pills and a bottle of acetaminophen in his possession.
    • Bryant Wheeler: Officers say they witnessed him leaving a looted Speedway gas station off Grant and LaSalle streets with items in tow.
    • Hanz Williams: Police say officers saw him crawling out of a broken glass door of a restaurant on 2nd Avenue South and South 10th Street with a container holding several bottles of alcohol.
    • Martell Tolbert: Officers allegedly found him hiding inside a freezer of the restaurant mentioned above.

The tenth suspect charged with a felony was a man stopped for being out past curfew, who was found to have 2.3 grams of cocaine in his possession.

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A total of 26 people have been charged so far. At least 11 are from Minneapolis. All of them are Minnesotans.

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