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10 Minnesota Businesses Making Headlines

Minnesota is not only named the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," it's also home to some of the best businesses the country has to offer. Whether its through helping small businesses thrive, giving back to the community in which they do business or earning a spot as one of America's most philanthropic companies, these Minnesota-based businesses have made headlines for all the right reasons.



Aeon made headlines this past December for collecting a number of much-needed baby supplies, toys and games for Minnesotans in need during the holiday season. The nonprofit housing developer "serves more than 4,500 adults and children and offers 2,700 affordable apartments and townhomes in secure, safe environments." AEON's mission to serve its local community is admirable, and embodies the same spirit of giving as so many other Minnesota businesses.

All In One Accounting Inc

Referred to as the "financial architect" by clients, All in One Accounting Inc. offers customized financial solutions to companies so that they may focus on other aspects of their growing business. Countless success stories document this company's ability to turn "financial chaos" into "business clarity," and the company made the list of Minnesota's 100 best places to work in 2016.

General Mills

Millions of consumers know General Mills from the countless brands it stocks on local grocery shelves, including Cheerios, Progresso soups and Häagen-Dazs ice cream. What many may not know is that this Minnesota-based company made Business Insider's 2016 list of the 25 most generous companies in America. The cereal giant made a whopping $155 million in total donations last fiscal year.

Art Unlimited

Art Unlimited helps mid-sized Minnesota businesses improve their online marketing strategies in order to better compete with large-budget competitors. This innovative marketing company helps small business owners stay relevant in an ever-changing online landscape.

Channel Partners Capital LLC

Channel Partners Capital LLC helps small and mid-sized business owners gain access to financial funding so that they may expand their business, purchase inventory, remodel an office, or accomplish other goals necessary to build a thriving business. The company's two-minute quote and quick financial approval process makes it an invaluable resource to small business owners who are in need of funds.


Ranked eighth on Business Insider's 2016 list of most generous companies, Minneapolis-based Target donated $215.5 million of its $4.92 billion pre-tax cash profits to charities and philanthropic causes last year.


This 20-year-old Minneapolis digital marketing firm specializes in "breathing new life" into their clients' brands through technology and design. If you're a business that's looking to build brand advocacy, Ciceron may be able to help. The team can help you foster relationships with your customers through "digital experiences."

The McKnight Foundation

The mission of this family foundation out of Minnesota is to "improve the quality of life for present and future generations." The foundation provides grants to programs that promote Minnesota artists, early education, and climate and energy resources. While The McKnight Foundation's primary focus is on improving the lives of Minnesotans, it also helps provide resources to Africa, Asia and Latin America. In 2016, the foundation granted $87 million to the causes above.

DAYTA Marketing                                                                                                                                                 

DAYTA Marketing provides social media management, website design and education services, among others to help businesses grow. DAYTA also knows a thing or two about growth. The company started in 2011, and just two years later saw a 250 percent growth rate. In 2014, DAYTA was selected as one of the 100 best companies to work for by Minnesota Business Magazine.

AgVenture Feed & Seed

Not only does AgVenture Feed & Seed help farmers by providing things like farm supplies and animal management services, but it also gives donations to many local causes. The Watkins-based company donates money and supplies to Minnesota schools, 4H clubs and even nursing homes.


This article was written for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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