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1 Year After Fatal Police Shooting, Daunte Wright's Legacy Celebrated At 'Angelversary'

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn. (WCCO) -- The Brooklyn Center community celebrated Daunte Wright's life and legacy Saturday as it comes up on a year since his death.

The city of Brooklyn Center, the Daunte Wright Memorial, and the community organization 2nd Chance Project hosted an "angelversary" celebration that included musical and dance performances.

Monday will be a year since former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter shot and killed Wright during a traffic stop.

His mother, Katie Wright, told WCCO this week she can't believe so much time has passed.

"It seems like just a week ago I was sitting over there watching all of this unfold, but we're going to continue to say Daunte's name, continue to make sure his legacy is known by everybody in the world," Wright said.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott complimented the Wright family's strength Saturday, saying they never wavered in their fight for justice.

"Justice looks like changing the system so that this never happens again to another family," Elliott said.

Katie Wright is working directly to try to achieve that.

She, along with Amity Dimock-Heisler, whose son, Kobe, was also killed by Brooklyn Center police, are serving on a Brooklyn Center committee responsible for overhauling the city's public safety approach.

A city resolution named after their sons passed last year that promised to have civilians enforce non-moving traffic violations and trained, unarmed responders dispatched to mental health calls.

"We're making progress," Wright said. "We actually just talked about traffic stops. I have wonderful aspiration and hope that Brooklyn Center will be the change and hopefully Minnesota will follow."

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