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Jason DeRusha's top 4 favorite stories at WCCO

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A look back at Jason DeRusha's WCCO career
A look back at Jason DeRusha's WCCO career 07:09

MINNEAPOLIS -- Jason DeRusha has been with WCCO-TV as a reporter and anchor since 2003. His first day was April Fools' Day, to be specific.

While at WCCO, he was among the first television reporters on the scene and on-the-air at the Interstate 35W bridge collapse. He answered "Good Question" for 5½ years. In 2013, he was named one of the "40 under 40," the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal's list of young community leaders.

Two decades in, and as he prepares to leave the WCCO This Morning anchor desk he's been behind for more than half his time here, he's sharing his absolute favorite stories from his storied career in the Twin Cities.

Take a trip down memory lane below!


1. Making "citizen's arrests" on Nicollet Mall

My favorite Good Question: How do citizen's arrests work? The video of me running around downtown yelling "citizens arrest!" is iconic, and classic photographer Joe Berglove work.

WCCO Archive: How does a "citizen's arrest" work? 01:56
By Jason DeRusha

2. Live from Valleyfair's Wild Thing

What makes your stomach drop on a Roller Coaster? One of the first live shots we did using new backpack technology features me on the Wild Thing, and it almost didn't make air. Chief photographer Bill Kruskop and Andy Smith went back and forth to the station and Valleyfair multiple times getting different pieces of equipment. Worth it!

WCCO Archive: Jason DeRusha live on a rollercoaster 03:53
By Jason DeRusha

3. Spinning the "Wheel of Fortune"

Good Question went on location in Los Angeles, and Joe Berglove and I weren't supposed to be allowed to spin the "Wheel of Fortune," because they weren't in production. We sweet talked our way into the studio and, as an absolute fan of "Wheel," I was in heaven.

WCCO Archive: Jason DeRusha spins the "Wheel of Fortune" 03:40
By Jason DeRusha

4. Recreating "Rocky"

Photographer Aaron Goodyear had an idea to recreate shot-by-shot a scene from Rocky – including me doing push ups and boxing meat in Lowry Hill Meats butcher shop.

WCCO Archive: Jason DeRusha recreates "Rocky" 02:44
By Jason DeRusha

P.S. ... a few bonus items from the archives

We couldn't let this memorable Good Question, in which Derusha scaled to the very top of the IDS Building in downtown Minneapolis, go by without a mention! It's a view many of us in the newsroom were envious of.

WCCO Archive: Jason DeRusha at the top of the IDS 01:58

And finally, a few immortal fashion statements from DeRusha's peak. First, this reminder that a pair of Zubaz eventually led up to the declaration of Sept. 21, 2009 as "Jason DeRusha Day" in the state of Minnesota.


And finally, we yield to Jason himself to explain the most infamous stand-up get-up he's ever donned.

"One of my earliest stories here claiming Prince had back issues because of his high-heel boots – I borrowed the boots I wore from a store for strippers on Lake Street. Photographer Bob Cowan."


A distinguished career indeed.

By WCCO Staff
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