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Witten: Dan Campbell Will 'Give Everything He's Got'

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Dan Campbell made waves in Week 1 as interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins with his unique practice style and fiery personality during press conferences.

From running intense one-on-ones normally reserved for the offseason to his desire to see his team "violently compete," he has certainly reenergized a fan base. The question is whether it will positively impact his players.

The 39-year-old former tight end received a glowing review from former Cowboys teammate Jason Witten, via ESPN:

"Dan was great. I think Dan was a tough guy. He was a leader. He loved football. He was passionate about it," Witten said, via ESPN Cowboys reporter Todd Archer. "So, he's transitioned as a coach and I think he'll do a good job. And he'll embrace that opportunity as a guy that really does a great job in kind of focusing on the now and being great today. He embodies that in the way he played, and I'm sure he's that way as a coach."

"I think guys rally behind him and they'll do a great job at that," Witten said. "He'll give everything he's got."

Campbell will have his first shot to turn the Dolphins' 1-3 season around a week from Sunday in Tennessee.

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