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Pete Bommarito's Performance Systems helps athletes prepare for NFL draft

Pete Bommarito's Performance Systems helps athletes prepare for NFL draft
Pete Bommarito's Performance Systems helps athletes prepare for NFL draft 03:25

MIAMI - From hockey, tennis, and football veterans to guys hoping to get their name called in this year's NFL draft, Pete Bommarito's Performance Systems clients range on every level.

With two locations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the unique training business has been up and running since 2005.

"My art is not just taking somebody and peaking speed, it's recovery from the season, getting them ready for a senior bowl, east-west shrine, whatever, and then you got to get them recovered from that," Bommarito explained. "You have to peak at a certain time."

Athletes can expect anything and everything at his Miami training facility, which has weight rooms, medical rooms, and dozens of therapists helping create speed and strength programs customized based on biometric testing results.

"If you're looking at NFL draft prep, that's the easy part," Bommarito said. "This is a results-driven business. People can make excuses but the bottom line is you've got to deliver."

"The proof is in the pudding," former Oregon State wide receiver Anthony Gould said. "I've seen some of the stuff he's done with guys and how he's helped them perform when it came to combine and just the whole pre-draft process, so that really stuck out."

Gould, who's been working with Bommarito since this past December, is just one of a plethora of guys hoping to get drafted this year.

"[Pete] sat down with me throughout the process and kept reassuring me things would be okay, we've just got to sit and work at it and look at everything," he said.

Gould knew none of the other athletes before coming to work with Bommarito, but now he considers some of them his good friends for years to come.

"I stay in contact with a couple of those guys that I was here with [for] the pre-draft process with and going through draft prep with and those are guys I'll be cool with for the rest of my life," Gould said. "I'm excited to hopefully get my name called but I mean, either way, at the end of the day I just need an opportunity. I'm just ready for the opportunity, I'm ready for it to come and finally make my dreams come true."

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