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Wallace: Riley and Wade 'Both Misguided By LeBron'


As Dwyane Wade's contract squabble continues to get dragged through the news, ESPN's Mike Wallace thinks Pat Riley and Wade were both "misguided" by LeBron James but are taking it out on each other.

"Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade are both misguided by LeBron James," Wallace said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. "They have misplaced issues. Instead of blaming LeBron James for costing him $10 million on the opt out he couldn't get back, Dwyane Wade wants to put that on Pat Riley and Micky Arison. Instead of blaming LeBron James for not being up front the whole time, Pat Riley wants to blame that on Dwyane Wade for not tipping him off and letting him know. LeBron is the big elephant in the room that both of those guys are sort of tip-toeing around and trying to blame one another for it when it was actually all LeBron James who orchestrated this whole thing."

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