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"They need to pay us," healthcare workers protest "pattern of disrespect" from employer

"They need to pay us," healthcare workers protest "pattern of disrespect" from employer
"They need to pay us," healthcare workers protest "pattern of disrespect" from employer 02:37

PLANTATION - Fed up and frustrated, employees from West Broward Rehabilitation and Healthcare joined members from their union, United Healthcare Workers East, to protest what they say is a pattern of disrespect from their employer.

"Every Friday, we got to run to the bank like we're some criminals to cash our checks, and sometimes when we get there, there's no money, we got to wait," said Callette Taylor.

Taylor has worked at West Broward Rehabilitation and Healthcare for 16 years and says over the last two years, her checks frequently bounce, leaving her and her family without money for days.

"They're not fixing the issue. Last week was Thanksgiving, most of us didn't have meals. We have to wait until Monday to get checks, and that's not fair," said Taylor.

Taylor isn't the only one dealing with issues on payday.

"I live by paycheck to paycheck, so when Friday comes, I need my money," said Andrea Cato, who has worked at the facility for 17 years.

The employees also tell us money is being taken out of their paychecks for insurance, but that their insurance companies tell them their policies have lapsed.

"They're not paying our insurance. They say they're fixing it, you call the insurance company, and they receive nothing from West Broward," said Taylor.

Representatives with United Healthcare Workers East union, also speaking out in support of the employees.

"if you want to fix care in nursing homes, you've got to have good quality staff, and if you want to keep and maintain good quality staff, you got to pay people," said Roxey Nelson, Executive Vice President of United Healthcare Workers East.

Those who work at West Broward Rehabilitation and Healthcare say they love their jobs because of their patients but say they can't continue working without a steady paycheck.

"I'm there for the residents, but still, even though I'm there for the residents, I still need them to pay us because they're getting paid from the residents. So, they need to pay us," said Cato.

We reached out to the facility about the employees' concerns and have not yet heard back.

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