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The Talk's 'Rock the Block' Premieres Season 12

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - It's The Talk's "Rock the Block" season 12 premiere party this week.

It includes exclusive giveaways and for the first time in forever, a live audience and a special one at that.

CBS4's Lisa Petrillo spoke with 2 of the show's hosts, Sheryl Underwood and Jerry O'Connell.

"This is our premiere week and we're saluting essential workers. That's what our audience will be made up of and this will be the first time we've had an audience. Jerry, are you excited about us having a live audience?" asked Underwood.

"It's funny, I have not been on The Talk when there's a live audience and this is where they're going to sit right here. Look at the pews. They are all covered up and the covers are coming off," said O'Connell, removing the covers.

Akbar Gbajabiamila and Amanda Kloots round out this high-energy team, now with 2 full-time men as co-hosts for the very first time.

"I think we're shaking up that's why we're going to have a great block party to start with that will rock the block but we're rocking the block with some fellows. I think when guys are in the conversation it's a really robust well-rounded conversation," Underwood said.

"It's fun, I really enjoy daytime television. I love hearing what happens going on that day, that morning and coming in and hashing it out with three other opinions," said O'Connell. It's alive. There's an energy to daytime TV. I'm excited."

The set features new, state-of-the-art augmented reality graphics, to create a virtual world. Premiere week includes big-name celebrities especially those in the music world. One we all know very well.

"We have Gloria Estefan. Everybody knows her," said Underwood.

"Yes we do," laughed Petrillo.

"Listen you better know. She is like a family member here on our show. Then Idina Menzel is going to tell us about her new movie Cinderella, so it's going to be great. Also, Angela Bassett is coming. We really got the best guests, great food, great family, and great fun," Underwood explained.

All are excited about this new day in the daytime!

"I just love my co-hosts. I love Amanda. I love Sheryl. I have a special place in my heart for Sheryl. We have a good old time," said O'Connell.

"We just want everyone to know we love you so much and if we can just spend a little bit time to brighten your day then our jobs are worth it," Underwood said.

The Talk airs live on CBS4 weekdays at 2 p.m.

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