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Car slammed into Hollywood business, owner said its the third time and she's had enough

Hollywood business deemed unsafe after car barreled into it
Hollywood business deemed unsafe after car barreled into it 02:20

FORT LAUDERDALE - A car barreled into a Hollywood flooring business early Tuesday morning causing extensive damage to the building.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, around 3 a.m. they received a report of a car crashing into a building in the area of SW 12 Avenue and SW 16th Street in Dania Beach.

The sheriff's office said the driver of a 2014 Audi was speeding westbound on Sheridan Street when they hit a sign and slammed into Wholesale Flooring Depot at North 22 Avenue. 

A witness told CBS News Miami, the driver flew over the railroad tracks on Sheridan Street, then lost control, sped through a grass field, and hit the building. The impact knocked down the garage door and portions of the wall around it.

Steven Deshazo, who lives nearby, heard the crash. 

"We live like a mile away on U.S. 1 and it sounded like a wrecking ball going through a building. We heard like a really fast car going by, at least 100 mph it sounded like, and then we heard this big, loud noise. By the time we came here, the police and paramedics had shown up," said Deshazo.

The driver was taken to the hospital.  

This is not the first time the building has taken a hit. In March 2021, the Broward Sheriff's Office said a driver going at a high rate of speed went airborne after hitting the railroad tracks. After crashing into the building, they got out, removed the license, and ran off as the car caught on fire. The driver was caught and charged with leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. 

Sharon Ciavvato, who owns the business, said this is the third time something like this has happened.

"It's crazy, it's nuts, it shouldn't be," she said. "Every time it's the same thing, same scenario, over the railroad tracks speeding, going through the lawn, and hitting us."

Ciavvato said enough is enough and her insurance is fed up with it too.

"So I said was it another stolen car, the first two times it was a stolen car, and they said no it was a woman and she's in critical condition. Then I was like well it's just a building. My son could have been in there, the guy that works for me could have been in there, and customers could have been in there. So thank God it's just a building," said Ciavvato.

She estimated that the damage is upwards of $200,000 and her insurance company is refusing to pay for these repeated crashes.

She wants the city to take action.

"I own the building. I can't just pick up and move.

Ciavvoato said if the city placed barriers along the corner of her building would be a good start.  

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