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Teen gymnast thanks Jackson Health docs for back surgery

MIAMI - Ella Chase, 14, reunited with doctors at UM/Jackson Health on Monday nearly seven months after undergoing an operation on her back.

A gymnast since the age of 7, Ella got a troubling diagnosis last year that she had a stress fracture.

After months of back pain and time spent wearing a brace, she and her parents knew more needed to be done.

"Multiple doctors had said that the fracture was never going to heal properly. And I most likely have to stop gymnastics," she said.

But, that wasn't her fate thanks to Dr. Allan Levi, the Chief of neurosurgery at Jackson Health.

"We see this in adolescents who are very active and involved in sports, predisposing factors include baseball, football but particularly gymnastics," said Dr. Levi.

He did a telehealth consultation with Ella and her parents and she was in surgery two weeks later.

Ella has already gotten back into the gym but is also doing physical therapy to allow her body to heal. Her goal is to compete at a collegiate level.

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