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Reports: Fruit-Themed Hack Hits Instagram

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – If you're one of the 130 million plus users of Instagram, you may be prompted to change your password after an apparent hacker attack hit the service.

According to multiple reports, spammers are taking over accounts and sending out pictures of fruit that has text directing people to a hyperlink. According to PC Magazine, the photo and accompanying link takes users to a fake BBC page that promotes a weight-loss coffee.

The exact scope of the hacking attack is unknown, but more than 30,000 people have clicked on the BBC link. It's also unknown how hackers are taking over users accounts in the first place. is now putting a warning page up for the link warning users the link may be malicious. The spam attack was first reported by the website GigaOm.

GigaOm reported the attack was one of the first to hit the Instagram service, which is owned by Facebook. Instagram and Facebook have yet to comment on the apparent attack.

PC Magazine said if you were hacked, change your password, which Instagram is already prompting many users to do. Also, double-check which applications have access to your account to make sure no malicious program has joined the list.

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