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Procedure Promises To Retrain Your Brain

MIAMI (CBS4) - Most of us understand that our brain is the control center of our body. But what you may not realize is when your brainwaves are out of balance so is everything else.

So how do you get back into balance?

"The pain was so unbearable that I felt like something was going to like explode inside my stomach area," recalled George Saiz.

After weeks of pain and no relief the 52-year-old went to the emergency room hoping to get some answers. But even after undergoing a number of tests?

"Basically they couldn't tell me like what was wrong."

That's when Saiz turned to something called Brainwave Optimization at the Brain Training Centers of Florida in Miami.

"I came that same afternoon. Basically like sitting on the brain training for 4 hours the pain went away."

"We listen to electromagnetic energy of the brain," explained Geoff Cole the clinical director of the Miami center.

Brainwave Optimization was developed, patented and, is being sold by, Brain State Technologies in Arizona. It made headlines last year when country singer Wynonna Judd told Oprah that she used it to lose 55 pounds.

It is very successful for approximately 85% of those who try it, the other 15% might think it is a scam, according to Cole.

While not designed for weight loss, Cole said Brain Wave Optimization is the next generation of neuro-biofeedback; a way to communicate with the brain through sound.

"We assign a tone and mirror the brain in sound. We're teaching your brain the best patterns to use for that part of your brain to operate at its fullest," said Cole.

Patients are hooked up to a computer which detects imbalances in the brain then the computer coaches the brain to heal itself. According to Cole, this brain training method has helped with post traumatic stress, ADD, chronic pain, anxiety and addictions.

"I wasn't able to maintain sobriety for any length of time," said Alan Shuman.

The 34-year-old added his addiction to drugs and alcohol masked a life-long anxiety disorder. After undergoing 17 sessions, the average is 20, Shuman believes he was transformed.

Addiction specialist and priest Dr. Francis "Skip" Flynn says Brain Wave Optimization achieves results he has not seen with other therapies.

"If you're suffering I just don't believe that there's great value in suffering. I can't ethically, morally, emotionally, spiritually, do this work if I didn't fully believe and know that it works."
Brain Wave Optimization is also used on children.

Most patients average 20 sessions although children may need less than that.

It is not covered by insurance. A series of ten sessions can cost around two thousand dollars.

There are nearly 100 clinics in the U.S. and more than 130 worldwide which off Brainwave Optimization.

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