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Police: Pot Scattered On Lawn Of Florida City Grow House

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FLORIDA CITY (CBSMiami) – Police raided an alleged marijuana grow house in Florida City on Thursday – and some of the plants were scattered on the lawn outside the house.

Florida City Police said an anonymous tip led them to the home where pot plants were laying all over the driveway and the front of the house.

Authorities said either someone was trying to get rid of them or someone was in fact breaking into the home to steal the pot plants.

According to police, what was inside this house was an intricate but very dangerous setup that could endanger everyone near the home.

Search warrants led them to find pot plants everywhere inside, as well electrical wires and lighting threaded throughout the home to grow the marijuana.

"Just alone with the power, it's pretty amazing how somebody would try to do all that with all that open power. It seems pretty dangerous to me," said Florida City Police Officer Ken Armenteros. "Not only their lives, but the lives of the neighbors because these houses can catch fire very easily.  And the houses are pretty close to each other so it can spread to the other properties."

Police said this house, and others like it, are definitely dangerous.

FPL went out to shut down the power.

All the meanwhile, neighbors said they were in the dark with what was going on in the home.

"No, because you don't see nobody go in there. You don't see too many people go in there. I try to go in there to get mangoes but it's always locked. I'm not gonna jump it," said neighbor Carl Nevin.

Police hauled everything away – which was about $25,000 worth of pot. Though, that street value could change as they continue to investigate.

So far police have not arrested anyone.

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