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Michael Irvin Relieved To Be Past "Heinous" Sexual Assault Allegation

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A weight has been lifted off Michael Irvin's shoulders.

On Monday, Broward County prosecutors opted not to file sexual battery charges against the hall of fame receiver.

On Thursday, "The Playmaker" joined The Joe Rose Show to discuss his long-awaited sense of relief after the over three-month long ordeal.

"I can't tell you guys how great it is to get past what I was accused of," Irvin said. "It's so heinous in its own world how it transpired."

The accusation came from a woman Irvin says he's known eight or nine years and considered "like family."

Irvin learned of the investigation the way most others did, from a article. It was from that very article that Irvin found hope that the investigation would prove his innocence.

"It said in the article they took a rape kit," Irvin told Joe Rose and co-host Zach Krantz. "I dropped to my knees and said 'Thank you, Father.' That was going to be my saving grace."

The kit provided no DNA evidence, paving the way for Irvin's name to be cleared.

"If this person did not go take that test, I'd be in prison right now. My word against hers, nobody (would believe). I'm so happy she took the test. That's what saved me."

Listen to the full interview from The Joe Rose Show above.

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