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Miami Proud: Scout leader Paul Spalding wants to pave way for others to break barriers

Miami Proud: Boy Scout leader Paul Spalding paving way for others
Miami Proud: Boy Scout leader Paul Spalding paving way for others 02:24

SUNRISE – In a world that is ever changing Boy Scouts of America South Florida Council aims to help the youth in our community get prepared for everything that life has to offer.

The leader of this group Paul Spalding, the 64th Scoutmasters Camporee Chief, is only the second African American to hold this title for the South Florida Council. He wants to pave the way for others to break barriers and follow in his footsteps.

Established back in 1910 as a group just for boys, Boy Scouts is now an inclusive organization that allows everyone the chance to participate.

"Most people can't vision or visualize themselves doing something unless they see someone in that position already. So, my goal and hope is that my being Scoutmasters Camporee, will encourage other scouts to join and envision being in the position that I'm in," said Spalding.

For one weekend each year, the Camporee is held, and scouts are taught everything from leadership to life skills, even fitness.

"Scouting is a unique program, I like to say it's analog, so you really don't need your phone," said Spalding. "It's hands-on, you're doing knots and build a structure out of wood and rope, or you're cooking."

Spalding has a passion for nature, so beyond sharing that with the greater community, he hopes the youth can learn by seeing him in his latest role.

"It's another point of showing diversity in what scouting is and we're trying to make it more diverse by including underrepresented minorities to be involved in the scouting program," he said.

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