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Miami Beach quiet & calm during first weekend of peak Spring Break

MIAMI - Quiet and calm.

New rules implemented by Miami Beach to reign in rowdy spring break crowds appear to be working.

Those CBS News Miami spoke to on Ocean Drive on Sunday said the difference between this spring break compared to last year's is like night and day.

"Like I was expecting a lot of chaos but it's been very calm," said Franchesca Vitale who is visiting from Canada.

"I was here one year ago. It's better, lots of police", said Norris Kisoloka, visiting from Paris.

This year the city really cracked down on spring break in an effort to prevent the chaos and violence on Ocean Drive that is saw in 2023.

"We have people out here enjoying our city, it's been quiet," said Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner.

Over the weekend, there was a strong police presence in the entertainment district and no major incidents were reported.

"I understand why there's police presence but it gets annoying for trying to get to enjoy the nights and everything," said Matt Novell, visiting from New Jersey.

There are also strict rules in effect, like no outdoor dining on Ocean Drive, parking bans, DUI check points, and no alcohol sales after 8 p.m.

"You see like cop car every ten feet. I went to Publix and I couldn't buy a bottle of wine after eight surprisingly," said local resident Alexey Yashkichev.

According to Miami Beach police, 143 arrests have been made since the beginning of spring break and there haven't been any big incidents so far, something the locals are happy about.

"Of course it's way better than having madness on every corner," said Yashkichev.

This upcoming weekend is also expected to be a big one for spring breakers and the same rules will be in effect. 

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