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Miami Art Week has something for everyone, from Allapattah to Miami Beach, Wynwood & beyond

Art is everywhere during Miami Art Week
Art is everywhere during Miami Art Week 03:10

MIAMI - Art takes center stage at Superblue in Allapattah, where The Chronicles of Miami, a monumental mural by renowned artist JR, adorns the entire exterior. 

This jaw-dropping photo collage showcases recognizable faces mingling with the city's local residents, capturing the essence of Miami's diversity. 

The year-long project involved JR photographing over 1,000 residents and visitors, emphasizing community through art.

Superblue co-founder and CEO Mollie Dent Brocklehurst says Jr's work is all about community.

"JR's work is about community and bringing people together, people from different backgrounds, different walks away, different opinions and making them have a conversation," said Dent-Brocklehurst.

"And being part of something where they, you know, whether they disagree with each other, they suddenly come together because they've had this experience together."

Over in in Wynwood, at Lina Cerrone Gallery, is a free solo exhibition featuring the dynamic French-Brazilian pop art duo Leo & Steph, they turn iconic couture brands into unique and exclusive works of colorful playful pop art.

Their new exhibition will feature approximately 14 new prints alongside three new "kid cup" sculptures, the pair's iconic gender-neutral sculptures.

We bounced, or should we say slogged through traffic on Miami Beach to get to OOlite Arts new, free Bounce exhibition on Lincoln Road. Curator Storm Ascher created a space where art literally seems to dance off the walls! 

The exhibit is playful featuring fun figurines and more, all reflecting Miami's fun and club scene-like vibe. Bounce is on through January 21st.

Slogging through traffic we arrive at the heart of the Miami Design District, among fashionistas and art enthusiasts we find unique public pieces adorning the landscape. Craig Robins, the visionary behind the district, commissions new artworks annually for Art Week.

This year, Laura Bohinc's "Utopia" graces the district with bulbous outdoor chair sculptures and egg-shaped birdhouses hanging from trees.

"It's called Utpoia and it is utopia. It's also sustainable, as it's made with cork," Robins said.

Art also intertwines with fashion as Birkenstock, the global shoe brand with a 250-year legacy, opens its fifth U.S. location in the Miami Design District. Featuring a vibrant and colorful collection aligning with Art Week, the opening is the perfect testament to the district's commitment to inclusivity and community.

"What I love about this is a place is for everyone. If you have connections to architecture and design, even if you don't know why, you can walk around and enjoy this environment and that's what's important to us",  Robins said.

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