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Davie holds Memorial Day parade to honor fallen heroes

Veteran moved by Memorial Day commemoration in Davie
Veteran moved by Memorial Day commemoration in Davie 02:14

MIAMI – A Memorial Day parade in Davie commemorated those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend this country. 

Kerry Vales brought her daughters America and Chevy to the parade

"We want them to be raised knowing the sacrifices people made and the things that make this country so important," Vales said.

While the parade is in memory of those who gave their lives in service to the country — we also captured a moment of gratitude. 

"We have been trying to find your name. Sir, it's an honor to know you. It's an honor to see you again this year. God bless you with much health," Orlando Pumariaga said to 98-year-old WWII Vet Armando Messina. 

Last year, Pumariaga saw Messina watching the parade but did not have the chance to speak to him. 

That changed Monday when the two finally met — giving Orlando the chance to say thank you. 

"That smile on your face, it's very inspiring to us. Thank you for your sacrifice and all you've done," he said. 

Minutes after the parade there was a solemn ceremony at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds. 

Veterans laid flowers at crosses, each one signifying one of America's wars or conflicts. 

Messina represented World War Two in the ceremony.  He laid a flower, remembering those who fought by his side who did not make it home.  It was a tough moment, even nearly 80 years later. 

"I couldn't stay any longer. I was going to start crying," Messina said.

He fought in Europe during World War 2. He comes from a military family. 

"My father was in the army too, the First World War, he was shot," he explained, "But he came through. He had 4 boys and 4 boys all 4 boys were in the service," he said.

Marine Corps Vet John Howe was with Armando on Monday. Memorial Day is a powerful day for him too. He lost people on his ship. He wants others to remember those who gave everything to serve and defend the United States. 

"I want people to know that people are defending the country to keep it free, keep us safe and living the way we do now," he said. 

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