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Martini Bar at CityPlace Doral faces legal action after deadly shooting

Martini bar in Doral faces lawsuit after fatal shooting
Martini bar in Doral faces lawsuit after fatal shooting 02:54

MIAMI - Miami-Dade police have released the desperate 911 calls from patrons at Martini Bar at CityPlace Doral as gunfire rang out in the early hours of April 6th.

"Martini Bar Doral, Martini Bar Doral, shooting, shooting," one caller frantically told the emergency operator.

According to Miami-Dade police, Jamal Wayne Wood, 37, got into a fight at the bar and ended up shooting and killing 23-year-old George Alejandro Castellanos, a security guard who tried to intervene. Wood was shot and killed by a police officer working security.

"People down, people down, many people," said another caller to a 911 operator.

Some 911 callers were heard bawling as bullets flew outside of the bar.  

Seven people were injured in the shooting, it's still not known if they were hit by the gunman or the police. Two of them, Yaniris Jerez and Frank "Miguel" Jerez, are mentioned in a letter from Ferraro Law Firm which announced legal action against Martini Bar Doral, alleging negligent security.

About the April 6th shooting, the lawsuit states specifically:

"...In a place where families and friends come together to enjoy and relax, safety should never be a concern. It is a fundamental right. This is a stark reminder that establishments must take the security of their patrons seriously..."

Last week, Doral Mayor Christi Fraga held an emergency meeting to discuss changes to city ordinances following the tragedy.

"We are going to be changing the roll back, or the time of operation, from 3:59 a.m. until 2 a.m. and last call 1:30 a.m. for anyone who falls under nightclub, bar or entertainment establishment," said Mayor Fraga.

Martini Bar Doral plans to reopen Thursday at 7 p.m. for the first time since the shooting.

A fundraiser will be held, and all proceeds will be donated to the 16-month-old daughter of Castellanos.

The parents of George Castellanos told CBS News Miami they will not attend the activity.  

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