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Exclusive: Man Fueled By 'Flakka' Tries To Kick In Door At Police Headquarters

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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) -- Surveillance video captured a man using nearly super human strength fueled by the drug "Flakka." He was trying to kick in the door at, of all places, Fort Lauderdale Police Headquarters.

"Very forcefully pulling the doors open then actually doing a mule kick, turning his back to the door and kicking it," explained Fort Lauderdale Police Det. Tracy Figone.

This happened last month.  James West was arrested.  In his mug shot, his forehead is bandaged and his eyes are little more than slits.

Investigators said he was frantically trying to get into the police department because he was being chased down Broward Boulevard.

"He gave the explanation that several cars were chasing him and he ran to the police department for help," said Figone.

When pulling and kicking the front door didn't work, that's when he was seen grabbing big rocks, trying to break through the hurricane resistant  glass.  The most he got was a crack.  That's when police said he took off running into the officers' parking lot where he was captured.

Broward Health Emergency Room doctor Nabil El Sanadi is noticing more cases of people high on "Flakka."

"Flakka" is a synthetic drug obviously," said Dr. El Sanadi. "We've seen it mixed with crystal meth or synthetic marijuana, but the fundamental chemical is bath salts."

What makes it so dangerous is that many who use it lose touch with reality.

In the police report, West reportedly told investigators he was afraid to go to the hospital because all the cars on Broward Boulevard were out to get him and they would catch up with him at the hospital.

Dr. El Sanadi said many on the drug hallucinate.

"The drug is stimulating their  brain making them think there may be people chasing them, people after them, maybe the devil is trying to get them, take their heart out," Dr. El Sanadi said.

Click here to watch Carey Codd's report. 


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