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Lionel Messi spotted shopping at Publix as official debut with Inter Miami looms

Lionel Messi seen at South Florida's Publix
Lionel Messi seen grocery shopping at Florida Publix 00:32

MIAMI -- Global soccer superstars are just like you and me: They shop at Publix and load up on essentials like cereal, milk and bread.

And Argentine superstar Lionel Messi is no different. Several photos of him shopping at a Publix have flooded social media over the past 24 to 48 hours.

There is no word if Messi has picked up a Publix chicken tender sub. 


The reaction to Messi pushing a shopping cart ran the gamut.

A Twitter user wrote, "Messi is Florida Man. Casually shopping at local Publix"

 "Don't care what anyone has to say about Florida, nothing beats Publix culture. Messi gets it. and look at that box of Lucky Charms. Dude is about to crush a bowl on the beach after scoring six goals a game. Welcome home, Florida man," another user on Twitter wrote. 

Inter Miami has told fans to get ready for a major unveiling Sunday evening.  

It is expected that Messi will be formally introduced as the newest member of the club at DRV PNK Stadium during this unveiling.

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