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LeBron James Unveils New Soda

AVENTURA (CBSMiam) - It was a big night for Miami Heat star LeBron James as he unveiled his new soda.

More than 100  people attended the event at his store "UNKNWN" at the Aventura Mall.

"I was on top of a chair with a lot of people," said J.J. Rojas.

When King James stepped out of the store and waved, the crowd went wild.

"That was the first time I've seen LeBron so I was pretty happy," said Michael Barreto.

People lucky enough to secure an invitation inside the store were even happier.

"Really excited," said Terrence Honeywood, 6, who came in a Heat cap and jersey.

"It's so exciting. It's amazing I was so excited on the drive here. And we drove from West Palm  Beach," said Thu Nguyen.

"The King, King James, he changed the game he added so much to the greatest game in the world that is basketball ," said Aaron Winshall.

And now he's added a new flavor to the soda market. It's called Sprite 6Mix.

"I'm a kid from Akron, Ohio and to have my own sprite with my name on it with my name on it my likeness on it and the flavor that I wanted and for them to be able to come through on it it's unbelievable and it's a blessing," said James, addressing the crowd.

"Everything you see here tonight from the flavor to the name to the packaging is completely his idea," said Kimberly Paige with Sprite.

Even before the event, LeBron posted a picture on Instagram. Later, he posted one from the event with his kids.

They certainly weren't the only pictures of King James hitting social media.

Anthony Valeo got a chance to snap a photo with his sports idol. He says he'll post it to Facebook and put it up in his room where he already has a life-sized LeBron James poster.

"It was an awesome experience the guy's awesome. He gave me the opportunity to take a picture with him he shook my hand just a great guy," said Valeo.


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