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Largest collection of African art in Florida on display in Opa-locka

Largest collection of African art in Florida on display in Opa-locka
Largest collection of African art in Florida on display in Opa-locka 02:45

MIAMI - The Art of Transformation features the largest collection of African art in Florida and it's on display for you to enjoy. 

Wednesday was the VIP opening of Africa Global, the signature event of the Art of Transformation. 

It takes place along 4 blocks in the city of Opa-Locka showcasing extraordinary art from the African Diaspora. Including from the continent of Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the United States.

Artist Adama Delphine Fawundo told CBS Miami about her work on display, "My work is called dancing with the universe and it's really thinking about spirituality. It represents fertility, and when I think about fertility, I think about humans and their relationship to the earth and the need to nurture a new earth."

"So, I travel throughout different places within the diaspora, and I think about places of black resistance, places where we created new languages and new and safety for ourselves, and I think about our future, and how we need to tap into our ancestral memory and tap into our indigenous knowledge as we think about how to create the world that we want."

Dr. Willie Logan with the Art of Transformation explained what it took to bring the art on display to Opa-Locka.

"We've spent the last 10 years traveling throughout the continent of Africa, the Caribbean and the United States meeting the artist, meeting them in their neighborhood, and developing a relationship that gave us access to the art in a way that we can bring it back to the community and not have to sell it and make sure it's available to return to the community."

Event attendees said they loved what they saw and the experience.

"I just walked in, but the vibe good, there's a lot of good energy. At the same time, the walls are filled with color, and I love what it represents," said Lataryn Gay a first-time Art of Transformation attendee.

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