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Instragram Post By LeBron James' Wife Causing Stir

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Until it's known for sure what LeBron James intends to do regarding his NBA home for the upcoming season, every little thing that the superstar says and does will be put under the microscope and analyzed until everyone is blue in the face.

Apparently that doesn't stop with LeBron though, as a recent Instagram post by James' wife has caught the basketball world's attention.

Savannah James posted a photo of a map of Ohio with "Akron" written across the image and a caption that said: "Home sweet home!! The countdown is real! #330"

The number 330 refers to the area code for Akron, Ohio.  The rest of the caption, especially the part about the countdown, is what has caused quite a stir.

According to ESPN, the post has nothing to do with LeBron's future in the NBA. On the contrary, it refers to the James family's plans for the summer as they generally spend LeBron's offseason at their home in Akron.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, it was reported that James decided to opt out of his contract with the Heat. 


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