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Hollywood Family Lights 'Greater & Bigger' Display After Thief Steals Their 6-Foot Metal Menorah

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – A Hollywood family says darkness cannot exist in the light.

As the Ecksteins lit their menorah Monday night, they worked to dispel darkness caused by the person who stole a Hanukkah display that was in front of their home.

"Our menorah was stolen right in front of our eyes and we had an opportunity to sulk and be sad and depressed or to change it. We decided to do the opposite, to not sulk and run away, but to light something that's greater and bigger and nine-footer instead of a six-footer," said Arthur Eckstein.

The nine-foot menorah now stands tall and proud in the driveway of the Eckstein family home.

The community can now come together to rally behind them and celebrate the second night of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, after their previous menorah was stolen Saturday morning.

"Someone picked it up from what I hear the story is a white pickup truck came and picked it up and up it in the back of their truck and drove off with it," said Eli Eckstein, Arthur's son.

(Photo Courtesy: Arthur Eckstein)

Prior to the thief driving off, a neighbor said he and his mom tried to stop him. But as soon as she was no longer watching, the person snatched the menorah.

"Thank God I had a nine-foot menorah in front of my house I brought it over to my dad's house and we were able to light it and make this event," added Eli.

Now the group is celebrating the resiliency of the neighborhood.

"That's why I'm here tonight, I'm not going anywhere and neither is this community," said neighbor Robin Naon.

"If we make the next right decision and decide that I'm gonna do the next right thing God promises I would carry you," added neighbor Solomon Albert.

Beliefs the Eckstein's say represents the spirit of Hanukkah.

"The negative energy was trued around with some real positive energy," said Arthur.

It's important to note that the family does not believe this is anti-Semitism, just someone trying to cash in on a quick buck by selling the scrap metal from the previous display.

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