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Heading Out To Ring In 2022? Here's How To Stay Safe On New Year's Eve

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Big street parties are the plan in Miami and Fort Lauderdale for New Year's Eve, many wanting to get out and celebrate.

"We're going to go down to the beach and hang out at the beach and mix around with a lot of people down there," said Jamie Trovato.

Others are taking precautions, like Dylan Shefman who's heading to the Orange Bowl.

"Keep a mask on, I feel like that's all that can be done. A big crowd is a big crowd," he said.

Rina Tucci canceled her plans. "We're staying home.  We're too scared with this Omicron.

Rachel Guran is head of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention for Memorial Healthcare.

"The safest thing we can do is unfortunately, go back to what we were really recommending for the past couple years is stay home with your immediate family," Guran said.

While she says staying home is best, if you plan to go out — stay outside.  

"Outdoors will always be a batter choice because ventilation is still very important in protecting ourselves against respiratory viruses that spread in close contact," she said.

Erin Branham is a corporate party planner with A2 Events. She said many people are opting to hold gatherings outside, like the experts recommend.  

"You need a draw to pull people to your outside," Branham said,  "maybe it's your beverages outside maybe it's a fun game like Corn Hole or a yard game or maybe it's just that all your seating is outside," she suggest.

She said you want to make sure you set it up to lessen the chances of people congregating close to one another.  

"Usually we would set the food and drinks close together and we made sure they were spread apart and we had a signature cocktail ready to go so it was a quick pour and people could just keep moving," she said.

Guran said an indoor party is the riskiest choice.  If you're inside she strongly recommends a well-fitting mask, N95 is the best.

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