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FEMA updates flood maps for Broward County: See where your property stands now

Updated FEMA Flood Zone Map to take effect in Broward County
Updated FEMA Flood Zone Map to take effect in Broward County 02:48

FORT LAUDERDALE — Anthony O'Gorman's home was destroyed after a record rainfall last April.

"It destroyed everything," he said. "The walls — even the doors — came off."

It took almost a year to fix everything from the walls to the floors, but O'Gorman was able to do it with flood insurance.

"I wouldn't be living here," he said without insurance.

Repairs ran close to $100,000 and O'Gorman told CBS News Miami's Joan Murray that the flood insurance covered most of the costs. However, many of his neighbors did not have flood insurance. But, that's about to change.

FEMA's flood maps have been updated and finalized in Broward County, and they'll take effect in July. If a homeowner has a mortgage, flood insurance will be required.

Carlos Adorisio with Broward County's environmental division told Murray that the new maps reflect the changes in the storm surge intensity since the 1980s — the last time these flood maps were updated.

But, it's not just coastal residents — tens of thousands of homeowners in West Broward, including Pembroke Pines and Miramar, are now in flood zones.

"The water moves inland through canals and goes all the way to us," Adorisio said.

The FEMA-backed national flood insurance program bases rates on risk, building structure, elevation and replacement costs. The average is about $1000 a month, but some homeowners are paying $4,000 or more.

However, O'Gorman says the cost is worth it.

"I know it's expensive, but I can sleep at night," he said.

To find out whether your property is included in the new FEMA map, visit

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