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Fake Doc Charged With Bizarre Butt Rebuilding

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. ( – Cement and fix-a-flat aren't the typical things you'd consider injecting into your body. But that's exactly what Miami Gardens Police said a fake doctor was doing to at least one victim.

The man, Oneal Ron Morris, 30, allegedly injected a substance consisting of cement, "fix-a-flat," mineral oil, and "super glue," into his victim's buttocks for cosmetic surgery and then sealed the incision with "super glue," according to Miami Gardens Police.

As a result of the compound, Morris' victim was hospitalized with what police called a "serious medical condition as a result of the injections."

Sgt. Bill Bamford said the victim was hospitalized with pneumonia and MRSA.

"This cocktail of chemicals went into her body and caused her terrific pain," he said.

Miami Gardens Police said Morris, who was born a man, also performed a similar procedure on himself.

Tangela Sears is not familiar with Oneal Morris but she is intimately familiar with the illegal practice of medicine. Her mother Vera Lawrence died 10 years ago after receiving silicone injections at house parties. Sears says the men who injected her mother were not doctors and she wants others to avoid the pain her family suffers.

"If you're being injected outside of a doctor's office it's with some type of chemical that's either going to cripple you and kill you immediately or eventually you're going to die," said Sears. "I lost my mother to something senseless that could have been avoided."

Doctor Rainer Sachse is a plastic surgeon in Fort Lauderdale. He says people must do their homework before allowing someone to inject a substance into their bodies.

"I understand people are trying to find a shortcut," Dr. Sachse said. "Sometimes it might work but more often than not it probably doesn't work and then it's sad something like this can happen."

Police said Morris may have other victims that may be afraid to come forward. They urge any potential victims, or anyone with more information on Morris, to call Miami Gardens Police at 305-474-1420.

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