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Extra Set of Eyes on Broward School Board

The Inspector General from the Florida Department of Education will keep a close eye on the actions of the Broward County School Board over the next 6 months.

The Florida Education Commissioner -- Eric Smith -- said the Broward County School District has been "responsive" to the scathing Grand Jury report from earlier this year that described rampant mismanagement, waste and corruption in the School District.

However, Smith wants the Inspector General to "monitor official meetings, agendas and activities of the Broward County School Board."

The IG will also communicate with the District on "the need to establish anticipated completion dates for corrective actions."

Speaking of those corrective actions, the School Board and Superintendent Jim Notter have maintained all along that many of the issues raised by the Grand Jury -- including problems with certificates of occupancy of new schools, recordkeeping and an ethics policy -- have been dealt with.

Commissioner Smith seems to agree.

In his letter dated April 15 and sent to School Board Chair Benjamin Williams he writes, "Certain issues in the Grand Jury report remain unresolved due primarily to corrective actions being in progress; completing these actions will, in most cases, correct the relevant deficiencies."

The letter to the District comes after auditors with the Department of Education spent several days at School District offices in March, interviewing employees and poring over records in light of the Grand Jury report.


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